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Event: Weekly Rewatch: Season 1, Episode 6, Bitches

Here is the discussion topic for Season 1, episode 6, Bitches.

Feel free to add your own thoughts, notes and opinions to this topic.

My notes below the cut.

  • Using Cauliflower and Brocelli as shrubs. Young Ned is so creative,

  • Never had dreams where I wake up kissing a pillow.

  • I love when Emerson chuckles at Ned's difficulty.

  • Joel Mchale is so cute.

  • When you first watch this, which wife did you think killed him? Why?

  • Olive ,"Can I play?" So cute, of course let her play!

  • That is a lot of different dogs in one dog body. Is that even possible?

  • Everytime I watch Ned bake I get hungry for pies. They always sound like a good idea with this show.

  • I wonder if Emerson ever left a case just because of Ned and Chuck's cuteness?

  • Why is it so funny to watch someone be dragged?

  • What would you do about the Chuck/Olive situation? Would you be with someone you love but couldn't touch. or someone you could touch but don't love?

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