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Event: Weekly Rewatch: Season 1, Episode 5, Girth

Here is the discussion topic about Season 1, episode 5, Girth

Feel free to add your own notes or respond to mine(below the cut). Hope you all had a good week!

  • I love the rhyming by the narrator in this opening.

  • I also love themed episodes, especially ones centered around a holiday.

  • Olive's jumping on the bed or basically doing anything makes me giggle, she's so small!!!

  • I get annoyed with the passive-aggressiveness of Ned and Chuck sometimes, you guys have enough problems.

  • Emerson's laugh is so hearty and contagious.

  • People fainting make me laugh so much it's almost unbearable.

  • I hope that people actually haven't buried horses in tombs...weird.

  • Throwing crackers at Emersons head...oh lordy, risky business.

  • I would have having the floor/carpet matching the wallpaper. Too much of the same pattern, would make me dizzy.

  • That pink living room is awesome, I wouldn't do it but it looks cool for her.

  • I wonder if they are eatting the pie that has mood enhancers in it. Ned needs it sometimes.

  • Olive's and Emerson's faces around Chuck and Ned are hilarious and probably something I would be doing if it wasn't a TV show.

  • I'm pretty sure they don't use horse bones to fix people....maybe I'm wrong...I hope not though.

  • It's terrifying to be trampled by a horse and to be chased down in order to be trampled.

  • Does it look like Lily suspects something is up with the ghost on her porch so late at night? Do they not recognize her voice. Chuck(Anna Friel) has a very distinct voice in my opinion.

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