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Event: Weekly Rewatch: Season 1, Episode 4, Pigeon

Here is the discussion topic for Season 1, episode 4, Pigeon

Feel free to join in at anytime and talk about this episode with us!

My notes below the cut.

  • Why couldn't he make friends at all?

  • Who was Digby living with when Ned was at boarding school?

  • Thats a good question, would honey taste different if the bees were brought back to life?

  • It's simming in miracles, not diseases! Olive just cracks me up.

  • That's so sad to not be able to catch the person you love and have to watch them just fall.

  • That lady is such certain way and boring. (In the morticians office)

  • Wouldn't the glass be broken into the living room and not in the mans face if the plane goes into the window?

  • Who just hangs out with a complete stranger all day?! Where is Chucks safety thinking?!

  • Ned finding them holding hand is so hilarious

  • Welcome to prison, let me stab you with a fork.

  • Lily eyepatch with a light, so awesome!

  • Slapping that poor lady awake on accident. I laughed so hard.

  • Oh Pidge, with her cute little parrot wing.

  • The friendship of Vivian and Olive makes me smile and hug myself.

  • How do pigeons get into prisons to deiver messages?

  • "Holy crap!" Lily seeing the load of diamonds in her little hiding place. Perfect.

  • Would you have opened the door to show Chuck to her Aunts to be mean?

  • How would you feel seeing Chuck when you though she was dead and then she was gone again.

  • What are the bee-hives sitting on on the roof? Some sort of special religious gazebo? Does anyone know what it is?

  • SO cute to dance in bee-suits, at least they can do that!

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